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We Build Real-Time Dashboards, Reports, & Perform Audits To Empower Business Decisions

Are you ready to see what is really going on in your business?

Instead of spending 1-2 weeks combing through information and trying to make sense of the data, let us help you figure out what is working and what needs improvement. We help companies analyze, evaluate and check up on their marketing sales, and online performance with simple, expert reviewed reporting and in-depth audits.

Expert Evaluations

To Boost Your Results & Shrink Costs


Sample Objectives

SEO Performance Report

We take a snapshot of where you are at and look back on your recent performance. Knowing where you stand is crucial to helping you move forward.

Backlink Evaluation

Link building is a crucial component of SEO. Therefore, we will evaluate your link profile and identify ways to improve your links.

Keyword Check

Both SEO and PPC rely on targeting the appropriate keywords for your business. Therefore, we identify the keywords you should eliminate and the best keywords to target.

Landing Page Evaluation

We will see which landing pages are performing the best, which ones need work, and provide suggestions on how to increase your conversions.

SEO Optimization Check

In this report we identify where your content is optimized correctly and discover ways to improve your quality score to boost PPC conversions and SEO rankings.

Competition Analysis

Both PPC and SEO are impacted by competition. We will report on your competitors so that you can find a competitive advantage.

Website & Campaign Audit

We identify all the structural issues with your current website and report on ways for you to fix the content.

We will review your PPC campaigns and make sure that you are correctly setup to best reach your goals.

Opportunity Finder

When you have marketed as many websites as we have, you will be able to see opportunities that are often missed. We will help you determine where you need to improve in order to reach the next level.

+ Honesty Check


It is our sincere hope that you have an honest and diligent marketing team working for your business, but we have been in this industry long enough to notice many marketing agencies who exaggerate their reports. Therefore, if you send us your current marketing report we will compare the numbers and flag any inconsistencies that we find..

To make good business decisions you need fast, accurate, data that makes sense. Our company is unique compared to other marketing agencies because we don’t just throw a bunch of stats at you. Instead, we focus on helping you discover what your next steps should be.

Should you change your marketing strategy? Keep your intern? Spend more money on Facebook Ads? Continue doing SEO? Find out today.

Our reports help you make the tough decisions. 

The SEO report has given my company the confidence to invest in link building, which has resulted in higher rankings and an increase in sales.


Our conversion rate tripled because of R/A Analytics. After three months, we checked our heatmaps and realized that people were being distracted by the banner Ads, so we changed them and re-positioned our call to action. The results were awesome!

Don Jackson