ReportAudit.com was birthed out of frustration to understand fully a websites performance mentrics. We wanted to cut through the noise and provide clarity for marketing clients and those who are simply confused about the state of their marketing.

Our original idea was to build an internal system to offer reports for a digital marketing agency’s clients that are not only informative but actionable.  However, once we saw the impact these reports made, we realized that entrepreneurs and marketers have a desperate need for more. We provide the best snapshot of marketing performance from an SEO, Social, and Website Functionality viewpoint.

Our clients have said that by knowing where they stand, they were able to make the right decisions to grow their businesses.  We believe this is vital and helps a business move forward.

So what if you already get reports?

A key benefit to having a 3rd party report is that we will keep your marketing team or agency honest. Unfortunately, we’ve seen many marketing agencies exaggerate their data, lie in their reports, or leave out vital information. In-house marketers can also be tempted to manipulate data.

Good people might work on your reports, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t wise to check and verify every once and a while. As they say, “Trust, but Verify.”