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Get an complete analysis of what is happening in your business.

How it works

At ReportAudit, we do three things exceptionally well. We help professional managers understand what is happening in their marketing departments and then we help them take the next steps to improve performance and lastly, we help them cut unessecary costs.

Step 1: Marketing Analysis

We start with an analysis of your business from a birds eye view. Based on an in-depth checklist, we determine what is working and what is killing your business.

Step 2: In-Depth Report

Unbiased, 3rd party marketing reports can help you make important decisions. Do you know what is working in your marketing? Do you know the cause of dips in performance? A good report can be a powerful tool for growth.

Step 3: Custom Dashboard

You need accurate data to make decisions. We believe in tracking performance an automatically updating dashboard. We custom build this dashboard to track all of the key performance metrics that you care about in your business.

 The Costs / Investment

There are 3 steps to our program. We charge $250 per hour for our research and development. Most audits cost $500 – $3,000 depending on the scale of the project.

We also have a monthly monitoring plan for $199/month.

One change to your marketing could make all the difference. We’ve seen companies save hundreds and thousands per month in wasted advertising spend. When you see things clearly, you chart a path to better performance

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